Configure an API user

In your Board environment select the option System Administration from the top left menu.


You will get the system administration menu, here you select the tile Users.

In the user screen there is a button in the top of you screen, called API Client, press the button to define an API client, you will get the following screen.

  1. Enter a Client ID for your API user, BE AWARE you can not use a dash (-) or underscore (_) in you API user name.
  2. Assign a security profile to your API user, the user will consume a Board license
  3. Define a Client Secret, this is like a password, and you will need this to call your API.
  4. Configure what functions the API user can execute
    1. A layout is a data view, which you define in your database model.
    2. A public schema, get a list of entities, entity members or list of cubes.
    3. Allow the API user to execute a database procedure.