Configure an API Query

An API Query, is an API which you can call to retrieve Board data.

Open your data model and select the tile API queries

In the top of you screen you can press the button to add and API Query, building an API Query is more or less the same function as exporting a text layout.

  1. Give your API a name, the name will be part of the URL, which you need to use to call your API.
  2. You can write a description for your API
  3. Press the button Configure layout to configure your data view.
  4. Board will generate an URL, you will need to use the URL to retrieve your data.

In this example below I create an API, which I want to use in Microsoft PowerBI. 

Now as you might know Power BI prefers to get data as one long list. 

You can use entities on your rows, but then you will need to un-pivot your data in PowerBI.

So in this example I have the month and the GL Accounts on my Rows and my GL Trans - Report Cube as my value.