AFAS is a dutch accounting system and there are two version an on premise version and a cloud version. The on-premise version is using an Microsoft SQL database as data storage and you would only need a SQL user with read access to the database. You don't have access to the database of the Cloud version and you will need to use an API to retrieve data from AFAS.

The API is well documented and you will find information on:

AFAS does not have predefined get connectors, you can define your own connectors in AFAS and once configured you can give an user access to the connector. Remember you will need to assign an AFAS license to the user, which will be used for getting data via an API.

Users with admin rights can define Get Connectors. Log on to AFAS and go to the screen General -> Output -> Management -> GetConnectors, here you can add, delete or edit GetConnectors

More help about configuring GetConnectors: